The Most Secure and Robust Online Payment Processing Gateway on the Market Today

Kapcharge offers comprehensive business solutions for all eCommerce models. Technology. Innovation. Adaptability. Kapcharge is your go-to data gateway for robust payment.

  • Expert Support Team
  • Built with Scalability in Mind

Secured and hosted by one of the largest broadband network service providers in the world, Kapcharge generates detailed and customized transactional reports for merchants to ensure they remain profitable and minimize loss.

Our data analysts and compliance experts further bolster this product with their dedicated service. Kapcharge is more than just a software platform; it’s THE way to do business.

Whether online or brick and mortar, small business or large, Kapcharge has you covered.

Kapcharge is the future of online payment processing.

Kapcharge is an online payment processing gateway software built by Kapital Solutions - a top-tier e-commerce solution - to process ACH payments for businesses, eChecks and Credit Card charges as well.
ACH electronic payments are used across the globe, and are popular for many reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits of using the ACH network for financial transactions within your business:
Uses fewer resources
Unlike paper checks, which require a fair bit of human power, using ACH for payment is completely electronic, meaning there’s no need for stacks and stacks of paper, ink to print with, mailing fees, or staffing needs when it comes to processing and sending.
Provides a clear trail of all financial actions
Banking through an electronic network means all transactions are tracked and recorded - from start to finish. This makes accounting easier than ever, and reduces the time and effort put into processing payroll and payments.
Open to anyone
Any person with a US bank account can pay and accept funds within the ACH network. This makes doing business easy, with a simple, centralized platform through which you can make payments.
Lower general cost
Unlike other systems, which tend to be routed through pricey card networks, transferring funds via ACH electronic payment means significant cost savings for you and your team.
Maximum security and fraud detection
With paper checks, the risk of loss or fraud is high. Documents can get lost in the shuffle or stolen, and the risk of human error is much higher. With automated ACH payments, processing is secure and centralized. It is the most streamlined and safe option for your business.
Allows for ACH payments to be accepted instantly
ACH electronic payments can be completed at the touch of a button. Save time with ACH payment processing software.
Contributes to a greener planet
In today’s day and age, businesses are more conscious than even when it comes to doing their part to reduce waste and protect the environment. ACH payments reduce the amount of paper and other waste associated with processing real checks.

Kapcharge Advantage

Kapcharge is more than a top-tier business solution for processing finances. When you choose Kapcharge, your business reaps the benefits that come with working with one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry. With the Kapcharge team, you get:

  • An expert team with comprehensive risk management know-how and years of experience in fraud prevention. Our friendly team engages with merchants and goes that extra mile to understand your businesses and closely monitor all transactions to reduce threats and fraudulent actions.
  • A unique customized reporting model for seamless, detailed reports - our merchants have a thorough understanding of both payment and revenue traffic.
  • Years of experience in working with companies from a wide variety of industries looking to streamline and optimize the submission and reporting of financial transactions.
  • A track record of hundreds of merchant accounts with which we facilitated the handling of payments of lines of credit, secured/title loans, short term and installment loans, and eCheck payments for online shops.
  • A company that is connected to many banking partners to offer the most diverse channels for its merchants.


Built With
Scalability in Mind

The benefits of choosing Kapcharge for your business are myriad, and they don’t stop here. Kapital Solutions operates with the goal of being able to develop and grow alongside your business. Scalability is of utmost importance to us. Whether you operate a small, medium , or large sized business, our goal is to stick with you for the long-run. Our solutions are developed with the future-you in mind.

Kapcharge works with small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses across the globe. Here are just a few of the B2B industries we service:

  • Automotive (auto leases, title loans)
  • Mortgage Servicing
  • Education Sector
  • Credit Unions
  • Personal Finances (student loans, medical loans, home improvement loans)
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Hospitality Management
  • Small Dollar loans (cash advances, payday loans)

If you don’t see your industry in this list, don’t worry. Kapcharge helps businesses in all sectors streamline their financial processes. Our solution experts would love to talk to you. Give us a call today to learn more about how Kapcharge and Kapital Solutions’ other services can boost your business.

Kapcharge Makes Your Financial Data Manageable

Kapcharge gives customers direct access to a wide variety of analytical tools to assess and track their finances. This includes real-time data about transaction history, automatic and recurring deposits or withdrawals, and more.

Counter Fraud Solutions

Kapcharge diminishs merchant’s risk of online fraud

Kapcharge is the safest way for you to do business. It reduces a merchant’s risk of online fraud by using exclusively customized fraud detection solutions.

Our proprietary map threading and recursively searching technology means the Kapcharge risk management team can analyze and assess the patterns of those committing fraudulent activity online.

We identify deceitful trends so that our merchants are better able to protect our customers and provide a top-quality service.

Moreover, we are able to block these transactions without risking those that are first-rate. Kapcharge continues to grow and develop in tandem with its clients so that the business can optimize and maximize profits while minimizing risks.

Global Merchants

Kapcharge facilitates global e-commerce

Kapcharge is an out-of-the-box solution customers can count on. This can be credited to our in-house accredited professionals and strategic partnerships. We effectively consult global merchants who range in areas of high, medium and low risk, and further service all industries, categories and sizes. Kapcharge is your one-stop shop for doing business online and worldwide.

Any business looking to streamline their financial processing can benefit from the advantages of Kapcharge. To learn more about this top-tier solution, contact our expert team today. We look forward to getting to know you.