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The Financial Services industry is getting savvier and savvier about innovation in processing, decision-making procedure, and digital transformation.

We speak your industry language. We provide you with practical and logical technology solutions, and financial software development, as well as robust KYC tools, customized reporting, account verification, fraud prevention, strong relationships with our banking partners, and some cool people to work with!

Our Mission


At Kapital Solutions, we welcome challenges and overcome them. We see things differently. Our passion for e-commerce and payment processing technology has evolved into a thriving business ecosystem.

How we do it is by making our solutions reliable, secure, and people-driven. We just make you experience the ease of an enhanced Fintech life.

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Kap Solutions

Payment Gateway

Kapcharge is a secure and robust payment data gateway. It diminishes a merchant’s risk of online fraud, it facilitates global e-commerce, and it adapts precisely to your needs!

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Data Analytics

Kaptrak is a digital platform that harnesses the most comprehensive set of bank and payment data in the industry. Real-time access to account information with over 2,100 financial institutions!

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What We Do

We help financial service providers, education institutions, health organizations, insurance companies and more transform their offerings with custom solutions and fintech software for emerging customer needs, speed up time to market, compete by means of technology, find valuable business insights, and improve products security.

years in business

At Kapital, we're a team of experts with collectively over 45 years of combined experience.
Payment Processing Gateway
We help you focus on a seamless experience, security, and fraud prevention via our in online and in-app payment solution... Learn more
Account Management
We keep your account in good standing, compliant, and ultimately betters their bottom line. Data aggregation, customized reporting, and more.
Collections and Recovery
We help you increase your recovery rates. Prioritizing accounts for receivables management. Up-to-date consumer profiles for better recovery strategy.
Compliance and KYC
We help you maintain compliance with government and organizational regulations. Our compliance and KYC solutions empower businesses with data needed to comply.
Customer Acquisition
Our customer acquisition solution is designed to identify and reduce fraud, and facilitate lead conversion. We help you identify high quality clients in a ocean of leads.
Identity Verification
At Kapital, we help you protect your business and consumers against the rise of fraud.
Fraud Prevention
Our solution helps you to determine the best strategy to mitigate fraud, reduce risk, and decrease losses.
We help you properly segment your applicants while identifying who will be a good and bad customer.
Risk Management
We improve businesses with technologies to manage financial and regulatory compliance risks.
Data Analytics and Reporting
We empower financial service institutions to make informed decisions much faster with visualization consoles and reporting tools.

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A smart and fast way to manage all your payment processes. An all-in-one solution to increase your profit and stabilize cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the full list of services you offer?
Kapital Solutions is a one-stop-shop fintech solutions provider. We offer payment processing gateway, account management, collections, recovery, compliance, KYC, customer acquisition, identity verification, fraud prevention, underwriting, risk management, data analytics, reporting, and more.
2How many bank partners are you integrated with?
Our robust and redundant payment data gateway is integrated with several banking partners to facilitate payments handling and processing for our merchants via multiple channels. That allows us to provide you with cutting edge e-commerce technology.
3Do you facilitate a direct relationship between merchants and banks?
Yes, we do. We actually encourage facilitating this direct relationship between our merchants and banks.

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Reliable, Unique, and Innovative team. We are always driven to maintain solid partnerships with our customers...

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Why it's worth choosing Kapital?

Extensive experience in the online payment industry. Our innovative technology and forward thinking team has revolutionized e-commerce. Over 45 years of combined experience. Dedicated team of professionals; committed to providing you with service 24/7!








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